Monday, March 9, 2015

Insect Exploration

By John Windau, Wildlife Communications Specialist, District Two

The Ohio Division of Wildlife has quite a few educational loaner kits which are made available free of charge. These kits can be borrowed for two weeks at a time from your district office. They are a great resource to bring wildlife education into your classroom using hands on learning activities. There are a wide variety of trunks available, and each district may be slightly different. Contact your District Communications Specialist if you are interested in borrowing any of these trunks.

Red-spotted Purple

As the days begin to warm, scores of those little crawly creatures we call insects will begin to appear. Their abundance and variety, both during the day and at night, makes this a perfect time to start thinking about borrowing the Insects Backpack. The backpack is great for picnics, camp outs, and other outdoor activities with smaller groups of kids. Included in the backpack is an insect net, as well as bug jars to hold the kid’s specimens. The bug jars have built in magnifiers, so kids can easily examine the unique features of their discoveries. Also included are several books and field guides to help educators and parents answer questions and guide kids in their learning. Posters and field guides are included and are an excellent way to highlight different types of insects for kids. There is also an activity book, “Insectigations,” with 40 hands on learning activities centered on insects, perfect for budding entomologists.
12-spotted Skimmer

If you are interested in this trunk or any of the other loaner trunks, please contact your district Communications Specialist for more information and to check for availability. To find your district’s contact information,  visit the Division’s webpage at

Imperial Moth

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