Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Guide to Using Animals in the Classroom--Do you need a permit for that?

During winter, it is more difficult to take classes outside. It may be tempting to bring the outdoors inside. While the concept is admirable, ALL of Ohio’s wildlife is protected and cannot be taken or possessed without the proper permits. Even some animal parts, like antlers, need a permit or receipt to possess them.

The Division of Wildlife is the state agency mandated with regulating and managing all wild animal populations. Part of that responsibility is protecting species to ensure that they are not “loved to death.” Therefore, regardless how noble the cause, proper education permits must be obtained BEFORE removing animals from the wild. While we in no way want to restrict access to wildlife study, we just want educators to do it in a manner that conserves wildlife to be studied for future generations.  The Division of Wildlife strongly supports and promotes wildlife education, both in formal and non-formal settings. 

Educators who wish to use wildlife in their classrooms are able to obtain a permit which allows them to legally possess an animal for educational or scientific purposes. For more information on which permit you may need, or how to obtain a permit, refer to Publication 5009 “A Guide to Using Animals in the Classroom.” Or contact the Ohio Division of Wildlife's Permit Coordinator, Melissa Moser, at 1-800-WILDLIFE for more information.

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