Monday, April 25, 2011

WILD School Sites, Schoolyard Habitats, Outdoor Classrooms, Land Labs, Oh My!

Well folks,

It's that time of year again! Here at the Ohio Division of Wildlife's Central Office, we're purchasing new plants, mulch, and cleaning our gardening tools, bird houses, and flower beds in preparation for the spring season in our WILD School Site Demonstration Area.  I know that a lot of schools are doing the same thing.  Our WILD School Sites Small Grant program is rolling along full steam.  And we are hearing from schools regularly that they are progressing with their lessons in their own schoolyards.  Let us know how things are going on your school grounds.  Comments can be posted below.

Also, if you're new to this land lab thing, the National Wildlife Federation has some great tools and resources that you can utilize to get you started.  Check out their offerings below! And happy planting! Both plants and nature kids!  And get outdoors!

Webinar—Summer Maintenance Planning for Your Schoolyard Habitat

May is Garden for Wildlife Month—a special time of year to celebrate the benefits of creating a Schoolyard Habitat. Celebrate with your students and make a commitment to use your outdoor classroom at least once a week in May. National Wildlife can help you with ideas and resources for taking your students outside during this busy month. We offer lesson plans, a Schoolyard Habitat How-to Guide, and free webinars.

We are offering a free webinar on May 10th from 6-7 p.m. Eastern on how to maintain your Schoolyard Habitat over the summer and throughout the year. We will cover what you need to account for in your summer plan, how engage the community and recruit volunteer assistance, and how to develop a maintenance plan for the entire year.

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