Monday, March 9, 2009

Early Childhood Education

Spring is getting closer and soon it will be time to start taking your kids outside more and more! I can't wait to get my daughter out in the stroller or the front carrier on a hike. I'm very fortunate in that her daycare takes the kids outside on any day that is 25 degrees or higher and pleasant. So, she'll get to go out a lot during her time there.

What are some ways that day cares and other early childhood care providers could get their students outside more often? What activities could they do? If you have some suggestions or know of any activities that you've used that have worked well with kids in day care, preschool or after school care, please post them here. We'd love to hear what you've done!

Also, the National Project WILD office is in the midst of field testing activities for its upcoming Early Childhood Supplement to Project WILD. This new booklet will contain over 20 activities geared to pre-K thru 2nd grade. Some are modifications of existing activities, others are completely new activities. Some Ohio facilitators and teachers are participating in the field testing and we look forward to the release of this new guide.

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  1. Our preschool is very lucky! We have a small woodland and pond on the grounds of our facility. Needless to say we our outdoors for part of every class unless weather prohibits it.
    One thing we do a little different is to become 'Season Detectives' at the begining of each season. The kids go out and observe changes, turn over logs, rocks and collect items (found not picked), catch and release safe living creatures to bring back to class to investigate. They become forensic scientist using magnifying glasses, microscopes, rulers, themomaters, etc.. to find the changes. I think by becoming detectives at the begining of each season it really helps kids make the connection that it is whole.